26 maj 2024

Artic Fluffy Oil from Finland

Artic Fluffy Oil from Finland

Among the products I won In the surprise giveaway at Nordic Beauty Awards was this ARTIC FLUFFY OIL from the finnish brand  Donna Taponero Fluffy Oil can be used as an intimate oil but also for your skin, hair and after shaving as well as massage.  It is perfume free and moisturizes your skin. Perfect for dry and irritated skin even with minor wounds or cracks.

It comes in a metallic pump bottle that makes it easy på apply to the skin. The ingredients are olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil and hemp oil.

I use this regularly on sensitive intimate areas to keep the fragile mucous membranes smooth and as an emollient complement to local steroid treatment with cortisone in the Vulva.

I also use it on my body/face/hands/feet on those extra dry and itchy (irritated) eczema areas. 

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